Day 2

Today involved a lot of thinking. I found it surprisingly easy considering i was wandering round town having a browse at the same time. 

I have two people that i need to apologise to. A proper, heartfelt apology. In order to do that i have to go back and actually think deeply about what I’ve said and done, the actions I’ve taken when I’ve been out of control. There’s been a lot of manipulation, lies, misleading, flirtation, more. I managed to read them like books and take advantage of it for my own pleasure. I’ve done it before so it was easy this time. However this time they know everything. Last time i did that to a group of friends they didn’t have a clue, and as far as I’m aware they still don’t…

They both have partners, as do I, and I managed to weave them into a web of deceit, with themselves, their significant others, and a mutual friend. I should never have done that. I’m starting to feel rotten about what i did to them, which is a step in the right direction for saying sorry and meaning it. I’ll need to write notes though, so I can remember everything that i need to apologise for. 

Anyway, med time and bed time. Laters.


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